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Love learning, life, one another and God

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CE Primary School

Love learning, life, one another and God


Worship at Broughton CE Primary School


Prayer and worship are central to our daily lives here at Broughton CE School. The foundation of our school is Church of England and so all our acts or worship are based on this Christian tradition. All children in school participate in our daily act of collective worship and there are opportunities for children to lead and plan their own worship. We believe that we are all joined together as a worshipping community and parents and friends of the school are invited to worship with us at least twice a week.


The weekly themes and bible verses are shared with the school community through the school newsletter and website. We are very fortunate to have a number of people in school who lead worship including the headteacher, the deputy headteacher, the clergy team of St John Baptist, the children, teaching staff, the school’s very own chaplain and leaders from other local churches.


Opportunities for reflection and private prayer are present both inside and outside the school building. Children are encouraged to engage with the reflection spaces through either reading bible verses or engaging in the reflection activities. Our children are keen to explore their spirituality and we give them many opportunities to do so throughout the school day.


One of our reflection spaces - the willow dome




Worship on a Monday is led by the headteacher and on a Tuesday all children attend church where the clergy team lead worship. Parents are invited to join us for church worship. On Wednesday, all children from reception to Year 6 are asked to plan worship either individually or in small groups. The younger children can plan their worship at home with the support of their parents. On Thursday, either the deputy headteacher or one of our many visitors leads worship. Once a month, this act of worship is led by a whole class and parents are welcome to attend. On a Friday, we end the week with Celebration Worship which is led by Chaplain Dave and this is another chance for parents to join us in worship.


Year 5 children leading worship:




Clergy Team of St John Baptist Church 


As a school, we are privileged to be part of a church community with such a dedicated and supportive clergy team. They support us with worship and lead church worship every Tuesday at 9.00am for the whole school. All members of the school and church community are welcome to join us for this service. Church worship follows the liturgical calendar and it ensures that the children are familiar with the Anglican tradition of worship.


We also visit church on other important occasions throughout the year including Christmas for the nativity plays, Easter, the Leavers’ Service and, one of the highlights of the year, Ascension Day, when balloons are released from the top of the church tower to represent Jesus returning to heaven. If you look closely at the photograph below you may just see the balloons!



Children in Years 4, 5 and 6 also attend the church’s Eucharist Service once a half term. This is an opportunity for children to learn about this sacrament and for them to meet with the wider church community.


There are excellent links between church and school. The school takes part in a number of church events each year including the Remembrance Service and the annual Parish Gala and the clergy team play an active part in the life of the school.


Father Shaun is a governor at the school and is a familiar face for the children. He often visits school and he helps to support the teaching of Religious Education. This includes teaching about Eucharist to the Year 6 children and other key events such as Advent.


Reverend Pauline is also a governor and is ‘attached’ to the reception class. She leads children through confirmation classes and also leads worship on a Tuesday. Reverend Rie also leads Tuesday Worship.  


Visitors to Worship 


We enhance our worship by inviting a number of visitors to worship with us. We have particularly good links with the Salvation Army and have welcomed Captain Alex Cadogan and Darren Highton to lead worship for us on a number of occasions. We also welcome visitors from the Free Methodist church. 


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