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Love learning, life, one another and God

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CE Primary School

Love learning, life, one another and God


Science Club - Balloon Rockets

We had a great time in science club today making balloon rockets! The children tested which balloon made their rockets go the fastest and shared their results. 

Year 2 - Observing Plants

Yew Class have been practising their observation skills by observing plants with magnifying glasses. They then drew observational drawings of two plants and compared them. 

Year 4 - Solids, liquids and gases

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Year 4 had fun creating a class video to demonstrate their understanding of solids, liquids and gases.

EYFS Wormery 
EYFS wanted to find out more about worms and what they do so they decided to create their own wormery. They are going to use their observation skills to learn more about them.

British Science Week

The children learnt about the 5 types of scientific enquiry using our new 'Super Scientists'. They then carried out investigations to answer scientific questions and thought about which 'Super Scientist' they were going to be. EYFS were 'Olivia the Observer', KS1 were 'Polly the Pattern Seeker', LKS2 were 'Charlie the Classifier' and UKS2 were 'Fiona the Fair Tester'. The children all had a fantastic time as well as demonstrating their super science skills! 

Smashing Stereotypes - Amazing Scientists in Our School Community

Year 6 - Parachute Testing

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Year 6 had fun today using their knowledge of air resistance to design and test parachutes.

Science Competition Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the science competition:

Mia Green – Olivia the Observer

Henry Tracey – Ronald the Researcher

Diyan Jasim Bahar – Charlie the Classifier

Mollie Green – Polly the Pattern Seeker

Heidi Andrews – Fiona the Fair Tester        


I want to say a huge thank you and well done to everyone who entered – your cartoon scientists were amazing!

Science Competition

Plant Identification Sheets 

Yew Class made their own plant identification sheets today for the plants that you can find in the school grounds and churchyard. 

Zoo2U Visit 

Zoo2U visited KS1 today. They brought in a variety of animals from around the world and taught us lots of facts about them. They explained where they lived, how they were adapted to their habitats and what they liked to eat. The children loved watching the animals and handling them. 
“I loved the visit. I enjoyed seeing all the different types of animals. I especially liked learning facts about the kestrel.” Tilly Goodfellow

“I enjoyed learning about the animals and stroking them. I also enjoyed them crawling about and eating lots of different things.” Anya Patel


British Science Week - Rocket Launch


Year 2 and 5 had a fantastic time on Friday launching rockets. They thought carefully about the design of their rocket and investigated how changing the pressure affected how far the rocket went. 

Science Challenge


Thank you for all of the fantastic entries for our science challenge! Alex Latham made the best raft that held 717g without sinking. James Hibberd followed in a close second with his raft holding 700g. Jack Hart came 3rd with his great video of his raft which held 124g without sinking. It is wonderful to see the all of the super science investigations that are taking place at home!

British Science Week - Festival of Science

On Tuesday, some Year 5 children attended a Festival of Science at Broughton High School. The had a fantastic time carrying out a range of investigations and activities, including rocket launching.

KS1 Podiatrist visit


Key Stage 1 had an exciting visit from two podiatrists. They learnt lots of facts about feet and also how to look after their feet. They all loved getting their certificate at the end. 


Crime Scene Investigation


Year 5 became forensic scientists this morning as they had a murder mystery to solve! The children tested the properties of different powders found at the scene of the crime to find the culprit. 

Nature Club


Nature club have been identifying minibeasts and leaves that have fallen from trees. They have also been creating natural art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. Next, they are planning to make a bug house!

Year 1 Dioramas

Still image for this video
Year 1 enjoyed making their animal habitat dioramas. They thought carefully about what animals and plants they would find in the habitats. Find a video of their finished products attached.

Year 2 habitat dioramas


Year 2 had a fantastic time creating habitat dioramas today. They made models of animals and plants to go in the habitat that they recreated. They also thought about how the animals and plants were suited to the habitat.

Science week pupil comments


“We enjoyed doing Lego building because it was really exciting. We also enjoyed when Mr Andrews came in to teach us about safety equipment.” – Ellie Graham and Alexander Sturzaker


“Building the robots was really fun and I liked learning about the different equipment that keeps people safe.” – Jessica Wiper


“In Science Week, we really enjoyed the part where we learnt about how science is used in surgery and we had to try and get the equipment out of the jelly with chopsticks. Then we were set a challenge to create a tool to make it easier to get the equipment out.” – Isabella Pace and William Beesley


“I liked the building/engineering workshop because we got to create a picture and make it with bamboo sticks and blu tack.” – Euan Joyce


“I enjoyed trying to stop the structure from falling down. It was fun at the end because you could see how everyone else had built their tower.” – Sophie Mitchell


“I have really enjoyed Science Week because it was really fun trying all of the different experiments. I really liked how everyone was working together to make 3D models only using bamboo sticks and blu tack. When we were making shadow puppets, it was really cool when we found out that if you move the object further away from the light, it makes the shadow bigger but less clear. Science Week has also really help me improve my science knowledge.” – Finlay Delaney


Science Week - How science is used in surgery


Year 3 and 4 had a visit from four STEM Ambassadors who delivered an exciting workshop on how science is used in surgery. They started off by using chopsticks to see if they could extract objects (including marbles) from a tub of jelly. They then thought about how they could improve this tool for use within the body. Every group made a much improved tool and were able to pick up many more objects.


Science Week - Electrocity Lego Workshop


Year 3 and 4 used circuits to light up the buildings they had created using lego. The children particularly enjoyed completing the circuit which made the train move forwards and backwards.

Science Week - Lego workshop 


Year 1 and 2 had an exciting start to Science Week! They learnt all about the properties of the plastic Lego brick. Then they designed and built different robots with moving parts.


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