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Love learning, life, one another and God

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CE Primary School

Love learning, life, one another and God

Cedar - Year 1

Welcome to Cedar Class!

Meet the Teacher

A big hello!

Today, we explored the symbolism of Easter through different food.  We made our very own Easter nests with mini eggs!  We also enjoyed a hot cross bun and blackcurrant juice drink.

As part of our ‘Outdoor Adventure’ topic, we decided to take a trip today to our local park!

Fun with Directions

Today, we used compasses to direct our friends around the playground.

We had a very special visitor in school today who helped us practise our cricket skills.

Science - Habitat Dioramas

We have had a lovely afternoon today creating our different habitats around the world.  We have a mix of urban, coastal and woodland habitats!

Life Education Services

It was great to welcome Steven and Harold back to Broughton!  They discussed the many different feelings we experience and how they can affect our lives.

World Book Day

Oak Class have thoroughly enjoyed reading their books to each other!

Happy World Book Day!

Happy ‘World Book Day’ from Oak Class!

Shared Reading with Teddys Nursey, Oak and Year 4

It was beautiful to see the children from nursery, Year 2 and Year 4 sharing their favourite books together!

The History Man Returns!

The children throughly enjoyed when ‘The History Man’ visited us today! He demonstrated how transport has evolved over the years!

Bending our Bodies!

Today, in PE, we practised bending our bodies to create letters.  We they used our bodies to create words.  Finally, we practised being able to stand up while our arms were locked.  A very tricky challenged were children had to work together to be successful!

Lots of fun and excitement was had at Lego Discovery Land!

Oak Class Turn Water into Wine!

Oak Class have had a fantastic afternoon.  First they designed their own celebration cup and then they turned water into ‘wine’ just like Jesus did!

RE - Harvest - Tasting food from around the world!

As part of our R.E. topic, the children learn how we eat a variety of foods that have grown all over the globe.  The children then got to sample fruits from Brazil, Chile, Italy, Spain and Costa Rica!

Oak Class 2021/22

Today, the children took part in a yoga session.  The children loved practising the different positions and breathing techniques.

Lines of symmetry

Oak Class have enjoyed creating their own symmetrical patterns today and drawing their lines of symmetry.

Lancashire Cricket Club

The children were visited by Lancashire Cricket Club who taught the children some fundamental throwing skills and played some exciting games with them too!

Adrian Warrell Space Visit

Oak Class had a fantastic morning- the history man has been to visit! Adrian taught us all about the first man to fly a plane and showed us the style of hat he wore, the first woman to fly from America to Britain and the hat she had to wear, how maths is so important in getting to space, how a dog went to space first and what the first people said when they landed on the moon! Did you know LED lights battery powered tools and remote controls were all first invented for space visits? 

Aliens and Planets

This term, we are are reading ‘Man on the Moon’.  We created aliens that have questions written on their legs.  The following day, we wrote down the instructions on how to create our aliens on the back of planets.  

Plant Investigation

Today, we learnt all the different parts that make a plant and a tree.  We then used the app ‘Skitch’ to take photographs of plants and trees around school and then labelled them.

Art Gallery Guides

When reading ‘Claude in the City’, Claude visited his local art gallery.  We decided to write our own art gallery guides to help guide Claude and Sir Bobblysock around the museum.

God Loves Me Specially

We watched and sang to this video in worship today and we all loved it! We really enjoyed the dance moves too!

Our very own Egg Box Dragon Creations

We had so much fun creating our very own dragons!  We used our collage and painting skills to decorate the materials we used.

DT Building Fun

Oak Class had lots of fun in The Studio today creating our very own dragons!

Jesus and Lego

In R.E. we learned about the story of Jesus and the paralysed man.  We created our very own houses out of Lego where the man can be lowered down through the roof to meet Jesus.


The children throughly enjoyed watching the M&M production of ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Visit from Father Christmas

Still image for this video
The children had a magical time as Father Christmas visited Oak Class. He told us about some historical Christmas presents and read us ‘The Night Before Christmas’.

Oak Class made some wonderful and very festive Christmas stockings.

The Nativity

Oak Class throughly enjoyed getting to take part in this years nativity ‘The Big Little Nativity’.

A Christmas message

Still image for this video
The children from KS1 had a special Christmas message they wanted to share with everyone!

Nativity Gift Boxes

As part of our R.E. topic this half term we created nativity gift boxes.  Inside each box we wrote our own version of the nativity.

Snow Fun!

The children throughly enjoyed getting to play in the snow as completed our daily walk.

The Friends Song

We have had so much fun singing this song in Oak Class! We hope you enjoy it too!

Animals and Habitats!

Today we explored the school grounds to look for different animals and their habitats.

The children created some wonderful pieces of art for Bonfire Night.

Science Week - Isaac Newton

For part of Science Week we created moving posters of Isaac Newton where an apple falls on his head!

The Tunnel

We were very excited today to explore the new tunnel that has been built in The Orchard.  We are looking forward to summer for when it is covered in fresh green grass!

The children had an amazing day today as they attended a special Lego robot building session!

Robot Day

Robot Day was a huge success and the children looked amazing in their robot costumes.  The children spent the day creating their own junk model robots and enjoying a special Lego robot building session.

Maths Games

Today the children created their own maths board games to practise their addition and subtraction skills.

Science Experiments

Today, the children investigated how waterproof different materials are.

Key Stage 1 visit Reverend Pauline


The children had a fantastic time as they visited Reverent Pauline in our wonderful church.  She told us all about the Bible and showed us several different examples of bibles.

Adrian Warrell Visit

The children had an excellent day when they were visited by Adrian Warrell.  He came to speak to us about old and new technology.  We learnt about how people used to call people, send a text, play games, watch videos, listen to music and how they found out information.  

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