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Love learning, life, one another and God

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CE Primary School

Love learning, life, one another and God

Cedar - Year 1

Welcome to Cedar Class!

Curriculum Overview

Meet the Teacher

RE - Signs of Spring and new life

As we start our new RE topic, the children explored the church grounds to find signs of new life as we enter the season of Spring.

Outdoor Adventure

To celebrate our new topic ‘Outdoor Adenture’, the children walked down to the local park to have some fun outdoors!

Geography - Human and physical features of Broughton

Today, we walked around Broughton to discover the human and physical features around our school.

Robot Day

Maths - Number Bonds to 20

Today, Cedar Class have been using a range of resources to make number bonds to 20.

Programming Robots

Today, Cedar Class ‘programmed’ each other to move around the number grid.  The children then proceeded to program floor robots back in the classroom.

Thank You Santa!

The children were very excited to receive their books from Father Christmas!

The Nativity

Cedar class had so much fun performing their nativity to their families! 🌟

The Great Fire of London

The children had lots of fun with ‘The History Man’ as they learnt more details about the Fire of London.

RE - Sukkot

The children have been learning about the Jewish festival of Sukkot.  The children created their own version of a sukkah.

Hinduism Week

The children enjoyed learning about Hindu gods and goddesses this week.  They created their own lotus flowers and retold a Hinduism story.

Writing with Smiles!

The children enjoyed writing their polar bear facts today! 

Lego Fire of London

The children created London in 1166 using Lego.  They then used orange paper to represent the flames spreading across the city.

The Lonely Beast

Cedar Class had lots of fun reciting the journey the beast made in our new book ‘The Lonely Beast’.

Beegu Freeze Frames

Today, we had lots of fun creating the different parts of the story ‘Beegu’.  The scenes included Beegu playing in the playground, Beegu being reunited with his parents and Beegu wandering the city alone.


Still image for this video
Not many fancied tasting the olives! Some of those who did though were not too keen!

Harvest Food Tasting

We had fun tasting all the different fruits from around the world.  At the end, we said a prayer give thanks to God.

The Friends Song

We have had so much fun singing this song in class! We hope you enjoy it too!

2022 - 2023

Today, we explored the symbolism of Easter through different food.  We made our very own Easter nests with mini eggs!  We also enjoyed a hot cross bun and blackcurrant juice drink.

As part of our ‘Outdoor Adventure’ topic, we decided to take a trip today to our local park!

Fun with Directions

Today, we used compasses to direct our friends around the playground.

We had a very special visitor in school today who helped us practise our cricket skills.

Science - Habitat Dioramas

We have had a lovely afternoon today creating our different habitats around the world.  We have a mix of urban, coastal and woodland habitats!

Life Education Services

It was great to welcome Steven and Harold back to Broughton!  They discussed the many different feelings we experience and how they can affect our lives.

World Book Day

Oak Class have thoroughly enjoyed reading their books to each other!

Happy World Book Day!

Happy ‘World Book Day’ from Oak Class!

Shared Reading with Teddys Nursey, Oak and Year 4

It was beautiful to see the children from nursery, Year 2 and Year 4 sharing their favourite books together!

The History Man Returns!

The children throughly enjoyed when ‘The History Man’ visited us today! He demonstrated how transport has evolved over the years!

Bending our Bodies!

Today, in PE, we practised bending our bodies to create letters.  We they used our bodies to create words.  Finally, we practised being able to stand up while our arms were locked.  A very tricky challenged were children had to work together to be successful!

Lots of fun and excitement was had at Lego Discovery Land!

Oak Class Turn Water into Wine!

Oak Class have had a fantastic afternoon.  First they designed their own celebration cup and then they turned water into ‘wine’ just like Jesus did!

RE - Harvest - Tasting food from around the world!

As part of our R.E. topic, the children learn how we eat a variety of foods that have grown all over the globe.  The children then got to sample fruits from Brazil, Chile, Italy, Spain and Costa Rica!

God Loves Me Specially

We watched and sang to this video in worship today and we all loved it! We really enjoyed the dance moves too!

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