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Love learning, life, one another and God

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CE Primary School

Love learning, life, one another and God


Garden planting

It has been wonderful to be able to get back out into our school garden. So far, we have planted onions, garlic, peas and beans. Watch this space! πŸͺ΄ πŸ§„ πŸ§…

Mentor Session

During our ‘Mentor Afternoon’, some of the children planted their very own seeds to take home, including broccoli, peas, beans, carrots and sunflowers. 🌻 


We are super proud and excited to say that we have successfully renewed our Green Flag status. Our children have worked incredibly hard to achieve as many of our initial goals as we could during Covid-times and two lockdowns. We are thrilled to have our new flag flying high again as we move on to our next application and fresh goals! ♻️ 

BBC North West Tonight

Broughton Scarecrow Parade 2021

We were thrilled to take part in Broughton’s very first scarecrow parade. While we did not win any top prizes for our Peter Rabbit and Mr McGregor, one of our pupils won the colouring competition! 🌟 


Children in Year 1 to Year 6 has some very special visitors from our nearby bee centre today. We got to learn all about the anatomy of a bee, why bees are so important to our planet and even got to taste some delicious honey! 

As part of ‘Outdoor and Adventurous Week’, children across KS2 were given the chance to meet and learn all about goats. 🐐 😍 🐐 

As part of ‘Outdoor and Adventurous Week’, children across KS1 chose to take part in outdoor art workshops. πŸƒ πŸ‚ 

Children across school have taken part in The Great British Spring Clean by using specialist equipment to pick up litter in and around our school and church grounds. Some of our older children moved up along the A6 into Broughton Village while our youngest children enjoyed a visit from a road sweeper! We managed to collect ten bags of rubbish in total. 

Elm Class Planting Daffodils

Elm Class have had lots of fun this week planting daffodils around the school grounds!  They are excited to plant more in the following weeks!



Some members of the Eco team have been busy making our Eco-friendly Christmas decorations for this year. While we have decided not to have an additional tree this year, we have created bottle-top art to reflect different aspects of Christmas, as well as wreaths made of leaves collected from around our school grounds. 

Children in Year 3 and Year 4 visited The Bee Centre in Preston. We learnt lots of interesting facts about bees and even got to do some honey tasting! 🍯 🐝 

PDSA visit


We have thoroughly enjoyed our visit from the PDSA today. A huge thank you to Becca who has shown us videos of award-winning dogs, told us stories and inspired us to do more for our animals, both near and far. 



Fairtrade Afternoon - Year 5


Year 5 spent our 'Fairtrade Afternoon' making a selection of Fairtrade things including lemonade, crumbly banana cake and chocolate crispy cakes which they then sold, along our normal Fairtrade items, on the weekly stall for 20p each. Thank you Year 5, they were thoroughly enjoyed!

Fairtrade Read-a-thon


As part of our Fairtrade Fortnight activities, all the children in school took part in a Fairtrade Read-a-thon for a donation of 50p. Each class spent half an hour in the New Hall with their favourite book and a Fairtarde hot chocolate. A wonderful day was had by all. 

FairAware Award


We are thrilled to announce that we have achieved our 'FairAware Award'. This is the first step on our journey to becoming a Fairtrade School and all the children involved deserve a huge congratulations for all their hard work. 



Fairtrade Conference 2019


Our KS2 Eco Committee had a wonderful time at the 2019 Fairtrade Conference today. We leant all about the Kuapa Kokoo Co-operative, who established their own chocolate company, Divine Chocolate. We also talked about how Fairtrade enables not just cocoa farmers to get a fair price for their produce, but also banana farmers and workers who make Fairtrade footballs. We even got chance to make our own football out of rubbish!


We ave taken lots of exciting ideas away and we will be implementing some of them in school during our up-coming 'Fairtrade Fortnight'. 

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