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Love learning, life, one another and God

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CE Primary School

Love learning, life, one another and God




Oxford Owl is a fantastic free online collection of eBooks for children aged 3-11 that can be accessed across a range of devices. It is packed with expert advice, top tips and activity ideas to help your child with their reading.  To access the eBooks log on to and use the ‘My class login’ button and use your child’s class username and password.


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Oak - Aliens and Planets

This term in Oak Class, we are are reading ‘Man on the Moon’.  We created aliens that have questions written on their legs.  The following day, we wrote down the instructions on how to create our aliens on the back of planets.

Elm- Multi-Modal Writing- Magpie fact files

Elm Class have been reading 'The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon'. In the story a Magpie steals a dazzling diamond from the Queen's crown! We researched Magpies to learn some more about them, we used our computing skills to conduct our research and found out some brilliant facts. We then created our own Magpie fact file, we concentrated on using capital letters and full stops to demarcate simple sentences as well as including lots of interesting information!

3D - Multi-modal writing based on the Stone Age

3D have produced some brilliant pieces of writing based on the Stone Age in their English lessons. They have also published their own eBooks. Here are some great examples (just copy the links into your browser to view):

Elm Class Speeches

Still image for this video
Today Elm Class prepared speeches to persuade their audience that they should be friends with Leaf.

KS1 Multi-Modal Writing


This half term, KS1 have been reading ’10 Things I Can Do to Help My World’ and have created lots of interesting writing based around this. They have created paper plate Earths and have written ways to help our planet around it. They also decided that they wanted to help our planet by adopting an animal from the WWF so they wrote persuasively and created their own t-shirts to persuade the rest of the school to donate money to this cause. Through an assembly, the children shared their ideas with the school and from this they raised £291.80 for the WWF. Well done KS1 and a huge thank you to everyone who donated.


Reading and Phonics


Children in nursery and reception learn phonics from entry into school using the 'Letters and Sounds' document. As children progress through Key Stage 1, if they need extra support for phonics, we use Jolly Phonics or Letterland depending on the child's needs and learning style. 


Our reading scheme is categorised using book bands. We use a wide range of reading schemes including Oxford Reading Tree, Ginn All Aboard, Cambridge Reading and Orion Early Readers. We have recently supplmented the reading scheme, through an £8000 investment from parent donations, with a vast amount of 'real' books so that the children have a greater variety of reading material.


Multi-Modal Writing


The children in Key Stage 1 have been writing using a different approach. Instead of using our exercise books to record every piece of work, they have used paper, shoe boxes, card and anything else that we think may suit! The theory behind this is that children are writing for a purpose. Our children in Key Stage 1 absolutely love this approach and wanted to share some of their first pieces of work...

We wrote to North Wind explaining that Laura did not mean to lose her necklace of raindrops and then wondered how we might send them there...



We wrote in our story settings...

And used lots of different shapes of paper!



We made necklaces of raindrops and thought about which special power we might like to have...



Story editing is more fun when you get to do it with other people!

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