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CE Primary School

Love learning, life, one another and God

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CE Primary School

Love learning, life, one another and God

Staff List

Mr O McPhailHeadteacherOverall school responsibility: standards, teaching and learning, assessment, staffing, buildings, DSL

Mrs G Simpson

Deputy Headteacher

English subject leader, Reception class teacher, curriculum leader, EVC and DSL

Mrs C Lowcock

Assistant Headteacher


  (p/t – 0.8)

SENCO, Reception class teacher, AGT leader, mental health leader and Deputy DSL

Mrs A Watson


PPA cover and providing booster groups for some KS2 classes

Mrs H Porter

  Teacher (p/t 0.8)

Year 5 class teacher and RE subject leader

Ms R Lowe

Teacher (p/t) 


Year 5 class teacher, history leader and MFL leader

Mr S Bentham

  Teacher (TLR 2.1)

Year 6 class teacher, maths subject leader and UKS2 phase leader

Miss H Duckworth

  Teacher (TLR 2.1)

Year 3 class teacher, science subject leader and LKS2 phase leader

Miss S



PPA teacher, art and design subject leader, design and technology subject leader, eco leader

Miss N Turner

  Teacher (ECT)

Year 2 (Yew) class teacher

Mr S


  Teacher (TLR 2.1)

Year 1 and 2 (Oak) class teacher, computing and R.E. subject leader, KS1 phase leader

Miss B Kennedy


Year 1 (Elm) Teacher

Miss M Watson


Reception teacher, music subject leader

Mrs L Dickinson

  Teacher (p/t – 0.6) (TLR 2.1)

(Currently on maternity leave)

Reception teacher, PSHE subject leader, EYFS leader

Mrs J Needham

  Teacher (p/t – 0.88)

Teddy's Nursery teacher, P.E. subject leader

Miss M Bradshaw

Teacher (ECT)Year 4 teacher (4B)

Mr P Flannigan

Teacher (ECT)Year 4 teacher (4F)

Mr D


Pupil and Mentoring Support 2School council leader, learning mentor and parental liaison
Mrs J BramblesLevel 3 TA 

Teddy's Nursery and Stay and Play


Mrs S O'Donnell

Level 3 TA

Teddy's Nursery and Stay and Play 


Miss S Willow

Level 2A TA, TA3, HLTA

HLTA – lunchtime supervision, TA3 – Stay and Play Club Manager, TA 2A – KS1

Mrs H Smalley

Level 2B TA


Mr W


Level 2A TA (p/t)

Year 4 (one to one support) and lunchtime supervision

Mrs K Clapka

Level 2 TAKS1 (one to one support)

Miss G Bristo

Level 2 TA


Mr J O'RourkeLevel 2 TAKS2
Mrs S KabaLevel 2 TALKS2
Mrs S MohamedLevel 2 TALKS2
Mrs C KnightLevel 2 TAKS1 and lunchtime supervision

Mrs J FitzGibbon

  Business Support Officer 4

Finance and general office duties

Supply Staff

  Business Support Officer 1 (p/t)

General office duties 

Mr J


Site Manager

Cleaning and maintenance

Health and Safety

Mrs P



OOSC play worker


Stay and Play worker

Mrs B Newton



Mrs M BarnesCleanerCleaning

Mrs D Jones

Level 2A TA (p/t)

Lunchtime supervision

Mrs A Stringer

Level 2A TA (p/t)

Lunchtime supervision

Mrs M Desanti

Level 2A TA (p/t)

Lunchtime supervision and Stay and Play worker

Mrs S Culshaw

OOSC play workerStay and Play worker


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