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CE Primary School

Love learning, life, one another and God

Useful Websites for Spelling

 BBC Bitesize (spelling):

7 – 11 year olds. KS2 spelling activities

Doorway speller:

5 – 11 year olds: Practise spelling using the ‘Looks, Say, Cover, Write and Check’ method. Enter text using their keyboard or the on-screen keyboard. A great selection of word families including high frequency words (Flash required)

Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check:

5 – 11 year olds: A good spelling site for primary aged children to use either in school or at home. The word bank includes phonic and topic words. You can enter your own words if you have a spelling list to learn.

Prefixes and Suffixes:

7 – 11 year olds: A game where you need to choose prefixes and suffixes to make a new word.

Spelling bee:

5 – 18 year olds: The spelling activities on this US site are for children aged 5 in September (Grade 1) up to age 17 in September (Grade 10). The primary age activities are good exercises for KS1 and KS2 spelling SATs in England as they follow a similar format. The more advanced spellings for older children would also be a challenge for some of our more able spellers.

Spelling Practice sheets:

10 – 11 year olds: Eighteen spelling practice sheets to help with revision for the Key Stage 2 SATs spelling test. The words are usefully arranged in sets with similar spelling patterns. This is a PDF document so you need Acrobat Reader.


5 – 12 year olds: A spelling game where you can improve spelling with three different methods: listening and responding; recognising visual patterns; researching with dictionary. Useful for high frequency words.

Fish ‘em up:

7 – 11 year olds. Drop the fishing line to catch the right ending to words in this spelling game.

Look, say, cover, write, check:

5 – 7 year olds: A brilliant version of the spelling site where you can test yourself on high frequency words or enter your own words easily to test your knowledge.

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