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Love learning, life, one another and God

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CE Primary School

Love learning, life, one another and God

Stay & Play

Welcome to the Stay & Play Club

at Broughton CE Primary School


About Us


The Stay and Play Club has been established to care for children before and after school. It provides high quality care in an environment where children are happy and secure, and which meets all statutory requirements.


Members of the club can enjoy themselves by taking part in a wide variety of activities, which parents can be sure are well supervised by qualified and experienced staff.


Below you will find a number of useful forms and information about the Club.


Payment Details


All Stay and Play are now on your child's Parent Pay Account. The whole balance for the term should be present. Parents can choose to pay this off in the way that suits them best: either in one go, monthly or weekly. We would be grateful if all balances could please be cleared by the end of the autumn term at the latest. If you pay using a Childcare voucher scheme the payments will be deducted manually by the school office once they are credited to our bank account by the childcare company.

Any ad hoc sessions will be added separately during the term. 


Contact us


You can contact the Stay and Play team with your enquiries on


Mobile number : 07759787954


Polite Communication Notice To Parents


Could parents please leave urgent messages on the mobile number above regarding children attending/not attending the club that day, ad hoc sessions required or a child being collect from the club by another person known to them. 


All messages will be actioned prior to each stay & play sesson and prior to school dismissing at the end of the day by the Club Supervisor.

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