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Love learning, life, one another and God

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CE Primary School

Love learning, life, one another and God


Welcome to Yew Class!

W/C 23rd May

It was nice to get back to normal after our SATs… We loved going to the beach on Monday, luckily the rain held off and the weather wasn’t too bad! In Science we considered what materials would be best to build a den with, then worked together to do this. In English we walked down conscience alleys then wrote persuasive letters to Anna, convincing her to spend, save or hide her gold! 

W/C 16th May

Despite an extremely busy, hard-working week with our SATs, we did manage to have some fun! We enjoyed a picnic outside to celebrate the jubilee, which we loved - somebody said it was the best lunch they have ever had! We also have been continuing to enjoy reading poetry, even performing our own storm-themed pieces. Finally, we were able to practise Spanish - Yew puede hablarlo muy bien!

W/C 9th May

W/C 2nd May


In between working very hard to practise for our SATs, we have enjoyed our PE topic ‘exploring the great outdoors’. The children followed a trail and found various objects to add to our campfire. This was great fun! We were also scientists, experimenting to find which materials would be most suitable for Anna and Crocodile to build a tent.

W/C 25th April

What a fun week! In English we have been learning to write play scripts, so got to read and perform both existing ones and our own. Yew class love role play! In Maths we have continued our fractions learning. The pleasant weather made our PE even better, and allowed us to enjoy Show and Tell outside. One of the most exciting things we did was create our own ‘Pin the Continent/Ocean on the Planet’ game, and play this in our groups. We also got a chance to plant our sunflowers, now we will take care of them and watch them grow.

W/C 18th April

What a lovely first week back! We particularly enjoyed getting to eat cake when learning about half. We made the most of the lovely weather to read outside. We also really enjoyed our new PE learning about the great outdoors! The children did great team-work during the trust game.

W/C 28th March

For our final week before Easter, we enjoyed a range of creative activities. The children did an excellent job coming up with categories of shapes, then sorting the shapes into these. We also wished Mrs Singleton farewell and good luck in her new job! 

W/C 21st March

What a beautiful week we have enjoyed! We have been reporters interviewing aliens that live on the moon, had a visit from the fire brigade and have shown our parents our work and the classroom during open day! We also got to make the most out of the sunny weather with an outdoor show and tell.

W/C 14th March

Another super busy week in Yew! We have done lots of working together this week as well as making the most of the mile track. We also had another visitor, this time from the Life Bus to teach us lots of interesting facts about our bodies. 

W/C 7th March

This week in Yew we have experimented adding texture to clay sculptures, almost ready to create our own tiles. We were lucky enough to have had a visitor in to teach us yoga and some mindfulness techniques - our instructor was very impressed that Yew already knew some of these from class! We also began our new Maths unit looking at properties of shapes, and labelled our classroom with the shapes that we could see. 

W/C 28th February 

Wow, what a busy week! We have made our own sculptures, enjoyed having visitors to teach us cricket and gymnastics, and even enjoyed pancakes! Yew class especially loved having Adrian Warrell in to teach us even more about the history of space travel. 

W/C 21st February


This week Yew class have enjoyed exploring our new topic, ‘Space Quest’.

On Friday, we received a letter from an alien asking us about plants here on Earth! The children used the iPads to photograph and label plants found outside.


The children throughly enjoyed watching the M&M production of ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

The History Man


Year 2 enjoyed a visit from The History Man. He taught us all about the evolution of technology and explained the amount of interesting things that our mobile phones can do. He compared this with what happened before mobile phones existed.

We saw a gramophone and listened to a record! He 'Put a sock in it' to show how this made the music quiet and explained that this is where the phrase came from. We had a go on a typewriter and all of us are thankful that we don't have to do our school work on one of those!

He also spoke about key figures who were instrumental in the creation of this technology, such as Alan Turing and Katherine Johnson.

It was an exciting and informative day.

The History Man!

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