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Love learning, life, one another and God

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CE Primary School

Love learning, life, one another and God


Welcome to Yew Class!

Clitheroe Castle Trip


On Tuesday, Year 2 enjoyed an exciting trip to Clitheroe Castle. They had an interactive tour or the Norman keep and then built their own Motte and Bailey castle. Then they practised their sword skills and joined SWORD (Society for the Welfare of Rare Dragons). All of the children and staff had a fantastic day!


‘I liked it when we learnt different sword skills and we used shields in a group’ – Matthew

I really enjoyed it when we learnt the timeline actions’ – Sophie

My favourite part was when they told the story about the Clitheroe dragon’ – Oliver Clithero

I really liked it when he told us about all the different dragons and how to look after them’ – Eva

My favourite part was when we made the Motte and Bailey castle out of sand’ - Rhys


Arts Week


Yew Class have enjoyed lots of different activities this Arts Week linked to Chinese New Year. They took part in dragon dancing, chinese lantern making and a drama workshop.

DT Day


On DT Day, Yew Class investigated different joining techniques and used their findings to design and make an egg box dragon. They made some fantastic and innovative creations!

Habitat dioramas


Year 2 had a fantastic time creating habitat dioramas today. They made models of animals and plants to go in the habitat that they recreated. They also thought about how the animals and plants were suited to the habitat.


Paired reading with Broughton High School


Yew Class had a lovely time reading with Year 8 pupils from Broughton High School. The children were partnered up and enjoyed reading a variety of books together. We are excited to welcome Year 8 back next Friday morning to share some more books! This will be taking place for the next 5 weeks.


‘I really liked my buddy because she was nice and helped me with my reading.’ Lila Birk

‘I liked reading my book to my partner because it was fun.’ Ellie Graham

‘It was really fun spending time together.’ Toby Weihn

‘I liked reading to my buddy because it felt good reading to a Year 8.’ Oliver Wright

‘I really liked reading with my buddy because we took turns reading each page.’ Oliver Clithero

Science Week - Lego workshop 


Yew Class had a great morning building robots out of lego for Science Week. They learnt all about the properties of a plastic lego brick and why it is suited to its purpose. 


Robot building


The children built their own robots out of recycled materials to store their robot stories in.


Mad Hatter Day


Yew Class looked fantastic today in their costumes!




The children have been learning how to take photos and upload them to other devices. They have also been making animations from the photos they have taken. 


Materials hunt


The children enjoyed going on a materials hunt and sorting them into man-made and natural materials.

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