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Love learning, life, one another and God

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CE Primary School

Love learning, life, one another and God

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Conscience Alley-Is it okay to lie?

Following on from ‘The London Eye Mystery’ we debated whether Kat and Ted should lie. The general opinion was that they shouldn’t lie because it was important to find Salim (the missing character).

Mindful Yoga

Practical fractions.

Today, we used the cubes to help us find the denominator and solve the fractions.  It was very tricky but with practical resources, we found this very helpful. 

R.E. Abstract Art in the style of John Reilly.

‘Who stole the iPad?’ Science investigation.

Y5 worked extremely hard today to work out who had ‘stolen’ the iPad.  After investigating and comparing the unknown substance left at the scene, the children quickly deduced that the substance was salt and apprehended the suspect.  

Science investigation-How do we know that the Earth rotates the Sun?

We measured at timed intervals during the day and to ensure it was a fair test, we made sure that we used the same child to measure before comparing results. 

Science-How do the planets orbit the Sun?

How do the planets orbit the Sun?

Still image for this video

After learning about how the planets orbit the Sun, the children carried out a practical demonstration. 


Practical Maths-Cube Numbers

Fun in the snow!

Year 5 have made the most of the snow this morning  ❄️⛄️😁

Practical Maths-What is the area of the playground?

We applied our knowledge to work out  the area of the playground. 

Christmas Around the World

Still image for this video
The children have worked extremely hard to find how Christians celebrate Christmas around the world.

Science Investigation-Does the amount of bulbs affect the brightness of bulbs on a circuit?

Making Circuits

Memorial Day

Year 5 went to visit Broughton’s War Memorial this afternoon. Thank you to Rayyan and Eve for reading prayers and to Zara for laying our wreath. Lest We Forget.

Science Visitor

Today, we had a special visitor.  We had to find out who had stolen’Bob the Bear’, we had to compare all the evidence including the fingerprints that Y5 had investigated.  Unfortunately, the guilty party was ...


MRS PORTER!  (She is very sorry!)

Autumn 2 Homework Tasks

Science investigation-Shadows

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