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Love learning, life, one another and God

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CE Primary School

Love learning, life, one another and God

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Year 3 have had a wonderful day with 'The History Man'. We have experienced what life was like in the Stone Age, from the clothes, hunting buffalo and building shelters. 

Prime VR


Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed their Stone Age Prime VR workshop this morning. We got to walk among hunter-gatherers, explore early farms and take a stroll through Stonehenge.

Rock Walk


In science, as part of our 'Rocks and Soils' topic, we went on a walk around school to identify the different types of rocks we could find. We made notes and took photographs about their appearance and simple physical properties. 

The Jewish festival of Sukkot


In RE, we have been looking at the different ways in which other countries celebrate the Harvest. Year 3 have had a wonderful afternoon creating their own Jewish sukkah... 

Sound Walk


For our science tpic of 'Sound' this half term, we began by taking a walk around our school grounds to identify the different sounds we could hear and what was making them. 

Victorian Life


Year 3 were very honoured today to receive a visit from 'The History Man'. We learnt all about what life was like in the Victorian times and got to try out being a scarecrow, writing with a nib pen, weaving and playing games from that time period. 

Art - tints and shades 


Year 3 have spent the morning tinting and shading colours by adding white and black respectively to different base colours. 

SCIENCE WEEK - Electricity


We have rounded 'Science Week' off by finsihing our topic on 'Electricity'. In order to bring all our learning together, the children created their own quiz question cards and used them to test the rest of the class. 

SCIENCE WEEK - How can science be used in surgery?


We eere very lucky to take part in a workshop learning all about how science can be used in surgery from four wonderful STEM ambassadors. We started off by using chopsticks to see if we could extract objects (including marbles) from a tub of jelly. We then thought about how we could improve this tool for use within the body. Every group made a much improved tool and we were able to pick up many more objects using our own tools. 


We then created a poster to advertise our new and improved product and presented them to the rest of the class. 


We have enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and hope to work for the NHS in the future!

SCIENCE WEEK - Electricity Lego Workshop


Year 3 spent the afternoon using circuits to light up the buildings they had made using lego. We had an array of different building types from houses to Blackpool Tower! The children all worked collaborativey and particularly loved completing the circuit which made the train move forwards and backwards!

Trip to Blackpool


Year 3 spent the day in Blackpool. First we got to visit the wonderful Grundy Art Gallery where we got the experience 'The Trick of the Light' exhibition. A Trick of the Light brings together a group of internationally recognised contemporary artists whose works cast shadows, conjure illusions and bring the inanimate to life.  Referencing pre-cinematic techniques and Victorian optical entertainments, these artworks use the transformative power of light to alter perception and trick the eye.


In class, we have also been exploring the work of famous architect Frank Matcham, who designed the world-famous Blackpool Tower Circus, Tower Ballroom and also the Grand Theatre. After our visit to the Grundy, we had a walk around Blackpool to take in all of these sites. We rounded off the trip nicely with a performance inside the circus which impressed everyone!

Science - making circuits


We have used different electrical equipment to create a range of circuits including bulbs, motors, buzzers and switches. We even made our own switches and tested them to see if they worked!

Mad Hatter Day 2019


Look at all our incredible costumes from 'Mad Hatter Day 2019'! 



PSHE Teaching


Part of our PSHE this half term has included the children working in groups to plan and teach their own mini-lessons. We've had roleplay, art, maths and even dancing! Despite a few early nerves, they have worked incredibly hard, taught some skills during their lessons and enjoyed themselves immensely! 

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