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Love learning, life, one another and God

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CE Primary School

Love learning, life, one another and God


Welcome to Reception!

Hello and welcome to Reception class.


Teaching in Reception we have Miss Watson, Mrs Lowcock and Mrs Dickinson and we have some fantastic topics planned for the year ahead including 'Healthy Me', 'Mysterious Monsters' and 'Under the Sea'. We can't wait to see what fun we get up to over the next few months.


Helping us out in Reception we have the wonderful Miss Bristo who does a brilliant job as class teaching assistant. Together, we are going to work extremely hard to ensure the children have fun whilst they’re learning.

Meet the Teacher presentation

Reception 2022/2023

AeroZone School Trip

Reception had a fantastic time at Manchester Airport’s ‘AeroZone’ to learn about all the different jobs at the airport. We were able to visit different areas of the airport and role play being security staff, air traffic controllers, check- in assistants and cabin crew members. We also got to talk to an EasyJet pilot who told us all about how planes and helicopters work. 
We had an amazing time!

Fine Motor Skills

We have been doing lots of practise cutting using scissors recently. We used our cutting skills to add some spikes to hedgehogs.

Autumn leaves

The children enjoyed going on a hunt in the outdoor area for some autumn leaves. They then used glue to turn them into their own autumn trees.

Well done everyone! 

Hula hoops

We have had lots of fun trying to spin hula hoops on different parts of our bodies!

Outdoor Number Hunt

We went on a hunt in the outdoor area to find 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 of an item.

Religious buildings

This week we have been trying to build different religious buildings using our natural construction materials.

Doctors Role Play

The role play area has been extremely popular and the babies are being well looked after by our amazing doctors and nurses!


We tried so hard with a weaving today making sure we take the strips of paper over, under, over and under.


We have been working on our accuracy of throwing balls to knock over all the skittles.

Listening Walk

We went on a walk with our listening ears to see what we could hear in different parts of the school grounds. Outside we could hear cars, sirens, birds and church bells. Inside we could hear teachers talking, music playing and we could even hear the ovens and taps in the kitchen. 
Well done everybody for listening so carefully!

Reception 2021/22

The Queen’s Jubilee

As part of our celebrations for the Queen’s 70th jubilee, we decorated our own crowns. We added lots of glitter and sequins to represent the jewels on the Queen’s crowns.

Picnic Lunch

The children enjoyed their picnic outside to celebrate the upcoming jubilee.

Double Trouble

This week in Maths we are learning all about doubling. We have worked in small groups to work out our doubles to 10 using the ladybirds. 🐞 

U5 Mini Skills

A huge congratulations to our excellent mini skills team who competed at West View today. You did the school proud, well done!

Gruffalo Forest School

This afternoon in forest school we made Gruffalo pictures! We found leaves, spinning jennies, small sticks and flowers to stick on to make the Gruffalo’s body. We had to weigh our pictures down to stop them blowing away! We had a lovely afternoon in the sunshine ☀️ 

There’s No Such Thing As A Gruffalo...

Look at our fantastic paintings of the Gruffalo!

Ah Help! Oh No! It’s A Gruffalo!

We have had such a lovely day with our Gruffalo party. We played lots of games including ‘Pin the wart on the Gruffalo’, built log pile houses and tucked in to some yummy Gruffalo (rhubarb) crumble!

Gruffalo Crumble

A massive thank you to Mrs Stafford’s superstar helpers for making a Gruffalo crumble ready for our Gruffalo party day tomorrow. You did an amazing job girls, well done!

Hama Beads

We have been putting our fine motor skills to good use to create some lovely Hama Bead art.

Easter Gardens

After learning about the story of Easter we made Easter gardens using materials from the outdoor area.

‘Yogi Group Yoga’

This morning we started the day with a bit of yoga. The lovely Clare from ‘Yogi Group Yoga’ showed us some breathing techniques and yoga poses and we ended the session with lots of positive affirmations. Clare was very impressed with how well we listened! Well done Reception 👏👍

Repeated Patterns

This week in maths we are learning all about repeated patterns. To introduce the topic we have made bracelets. We chose two different coloured beads and arranged them in an AB pattern.

World Book Day

For World Book Day we were lucky enough to have a visit from the children in Year 3. We chose our favourite stories and the Year 3 children read them to us. We had such a lovely time - thank you 3D!


Parable of The Lost Sheep

In RE we have been looking at stories that Jesus told. One of those stories would have been the parable of the lost sheep. Miss Watson hid lots of pictures of sheep around the classroom and we had to pretended to be shepherds and go and find them. We discussed how it feels when we think we are lost and how it feels when we are found. We also talked about how God is like a shepherd and we are his sheep - he thinks we are all special and will look after us if we ever feel lost. 
We then had a go at making our own sheep using paper plates, cotton wool and black paper.

Exploring Faces Of 3D Shapes

We have been exploring real life 3D shapes. We have looked at whether their faces are flat or curved and used this information to predict if they would roll down the ramp or not. 

Owl Babies

This half term we are going to be looking at the book ‘Owl Babies’. Today we read the blurb of the book and designed a front cover based on the title.

Trim Trail Fun

Beech class enjoyed going on the Trim Trail regardless of the cold and damp conditions. They enjoyed  seeing how high they could climb, how long they could hang on the logs, how far they could walk on the balance beams and taking lots of risks.

Well done Beech Class! 👏 

Daily Mile Obstacle Course

Beech Class had a fantastic time turning our daily mile track into an obstacle course. We jumped in hoops, climbed over crates and crawled through the tunnel. We had lots of fun!

We have had a fantastic morning getting all the equipment out in PE. We used lots of different skills including jumping, balancing, climbing and hula-hooping. 

Fruits and vegetables

Our Spring 1 topic in EYFS is 'Healthy Me'. We have been exploring different fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and satsumas. We have been using different utensils to chop and mash the food and used magnifying glasses to get a closer look.

We have been using our senses to talk about the different foods. We can talk about what we can see, smell, taste and feel. 


The children throughly enjoyed watching the M&M production of ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Special Visitor

The children in EYFS were lucky enough to have a special visit from Father Christmas just before they broke up for the Christmas holidays. Father Christmas told them a Christmas story and they got to tell him what was on their wish list.

Shine Star, Shine

Today we got dressed into our costumes and performed our nativity 'Shine Star, Shine'. We weren't put off by all the lights and cameras and know that our parents will love watching it after it has been filmed. Miss Watson was very impressed with us and said we did an amazing job!

Winter Wonderland

We had such a surprise this morning when we saw it was snowing! We wrapped up warm and went on a scavenger hunt to find signs of Winter in our school grounds. We looked for robins, berries, trees with no leaves on and animal prints in the snow.

We had such a fun time but were very grateful for the heating when we came back inside. 

Forest School

We love Thursday afternoon Forest School with Miss Dulley! This week we got to use the natural resources outside to make a home for different animals that might need shelter and warmth during these colder months.


We were lucky enough to get a visit from the local firefighting team to show us the fire engine as part of our 'Trains, Planes and Automobiles' topic. They showed us the different parts of the fire engine and even showed us how the hose worked. We loved it when they put on their siren and flashing lights. It was VERY loud! 


We have been incorporating different kinds of balances into out dance routines. We have been experimenting balancing on different body parts. We can do solo balances and ones with a partner too.

Doctor, Doctor

The children are loving the current role-play area set up as a doctor's surgery. They are doing a fantastic job checking that their teddies, friends and teachers are feeling okay.

Forest School

This afternoon in Forest School we collected lots of autumn leaves and used them to create a leaf collage. We enjoyed walking over leaves and hearing them crunch whilst we looked for the brown leaves for the hedgehogs.

Autumn Scavenger Hunt

Recently we have been talking about the different seasons we experience throughout the year. We went on a hunt of the school grounds to see if we could figure out what season we are currently in. We found lots of different coloured leaves on the floor as well as conkers and pine cones. We decided that it must be Autumn. 

Look What We Found

The children were so excited when they spotted a snail in our outside area. They were very careful and gave it lots of space as they didn't want to scare him away. Some children thought the snail might be hungry so they went to get him some grass, what a lovely idea!


Daily Mile

Our new daily mile track has been opened this week and we are loving getting out in the fresh air and burning off energy. 

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