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Love learning, life, one another and God

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CE Primary School

Love learning, life, one another and God


Welcome to Elm Class!

KS1 Curriculum Overview Autumn 1 2020

Moving Story Books

Elm Class had lots of fun creating their own moving story books.  The children created a puppet that they were able to move across their image.  Each story started in the Amazon and finished in France.

Zoo 2 U Visit

Elm Class have had a fantastic end to the term with their visit from Zoo 2 U!  The children got to stroke a skunk, a snake and the world’s largest species of millipede.  Mr Yates also had the pleasure of being able to carry the animals around to all of the children!

Big Draw Day

For Big Draw Day, Elm Class have created some wonderful posters to remind people to protect all the vulnerable animals in the world.

Zeraffa Giraffa Role-play

The children reenacted the moment that Zeraffa the giraffe walked through the streets of Paris.  The children were interviewed throughout to collect quotes for what they will add to their newspaper report.

Matt Maher - What a Friend

This week Elm Class have really enjoyed listened to ‘What a Friend’. We have learnt actions to the song and look forward to one day being able to sing it all together.

Letters to the Great Pascha

Today we wrote scrolls as Atir to tell the Great Pascha about the journey that he and Zeraffa the giraffe had been on.

European Sports Day 2020

Giraffe Transport Vehicles

Elm Class have designed their own vehicles that would be able to transport a giraffe from the shore of France and the way to Paris!

“Witch Witch” Poem Performance

Today Elm Class learnt the poem ‘Witch Witch’ off by heart and performed the whole poem.

KS1 Meet The Teacher 2020

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