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Love learning, life, one another and God

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CE Primary School

Love learning, life, one another and God


Welcome to Elm Class!

Curriculum Overview

In Science we have enjoyed categorising animals, we tried to think of different ways we could sort animals into two groups!

In PE we have begun to learn about balance, we have tried to slalom with a beanbag on our head! We have also been practising our overarm throw, aiming to get the beanbag in the hoop. Whilst doing all this we have been practising our star jumps in our warm up whilst making sure our bodies are warm and our heart rate is increased!


In Computing we enjoyed drawing self portraits online and signing them with our names. We wrote our names because we know that shows that our pictures are our work and they can't be copied! We have really enjoyed learning about copyright.


We really enjoy getting our faces ready for singing, we try and scrunch them up as small as possible before making them as big as we can! Then we have to try and touch our noses with our tongues. Once our faces are warmed up we enjoy trying to find the beat whilst marching, clapping, patting our heads or shaking our hips!

In PE we have enjoyed learning to egg roll- we call it a pea roll though after the Evil Pea in the Supertato story! We have also been practising our carrot rolls (pencil rolls) and think that we are great!

In Science we enjoyed looking for mini beasts and birds in our forest schools area. When we returned to class we drew some wonderful pictures of the wonderful animals we had spotted!

Elm Class 2021/22

Art- Wax crayon rubbings

The children worked hard during our art lesson finding lots of different natural patterns and textures to create a rubbing from. We used tree bark, bricks, the fence and our playground to create different patterns before using our rubbings in a repeated pattern with our partners. 

Arts Week- Queens Platinum Jubilee

During Art Week we have been focusing on different painting methods. We worked hard to create a beautiful sunset scene over a London silhouette, layering our colours to imitate the sunset examples we looked at, mixing our primary colours together or adding white to create beautiful pinks, purples and oranges. We also created a new stamp to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, we used a splatter painting technique before cutting out the Queen’s head for this piece!

English- Crocodile factfiles

Still image for this video

We enjoyed researching crocodiles. We spent a lesson finding out lots of cool facts about crocodiles, we then created a script in our groups so we knew who was going to say which fact. Finally we made our interactive fact files using Thing Link, we had so much fun adding the different features. Follow the links to see a couple more examples… 

Music- Your Imagination

Still image for this video

Year 1 did a brilliant job of playing the glockenspiels along with our sign ‘Your Imagination’. The children worked hard on improving their timing and ensuring that as a pair they were playing the correct notes.

PE- Gymnastics

Today we built on our previous gymnastic lesson and used the shapes we had practised to create different jumps. We did tuck jumps, star jumps and straight jumps. We even practised them on, off and over different equipment.

English- Play Scripts

Performing a play script

Still image for this video

We have thoroughly enjoyed looking at the features, reading and performing play scripts this week. Above is just one example of our work, we tried really hard to understand how a play script works and work with our friends to perform them. 

PE- Gymnastics

We loved starting our gymnastics lessons today! We practiced our travelling in different ways in a space, including running, monster walks, hopping, skipping and jumping. We then practiced forming different shapes with our bodies including star, straight, tuck, and pike. 

WOW badge

WOW! 19 children achieved their walk to school badge this month, helping to look after our planet and stay active on our way to or from school! We also achieved the most active journeys in school, well done Elm Class ⭐️

Red Nose Day 2022

Music- Glockenspiels

Year 1 enjoyed playing the glockenspiels for the first time. We had great fun getting to know the glockenspiels and then trying to play along to the song Round and Round that we have been learning this term.

English- Diary entry

Elm Class enjoyed making their rockets. We spent lots of time planning our diary entry to make it our best work possible. We are really proud of the results!

Science- Planting

Year 1 enjoyed planting a few varieties of peas and broad beans as part of their Science learning. Our planting helped us to write a set of instructions to tell others how to plant seeds. We enjoyed being back in the allotment!

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