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Love learning, life, one another and God

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CE Primary School

Love learning, life, one another and God


Welcome to Elm Class!

Summer 1 Overview

Music- Your Imagination

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Year 1 did a brilliant job of playing the glockenspiels along with our sign ‘Your Imagination’. The children worked hard on improving their timing and ensuring that as a pair they were playing the correct notes.

PE- Gymnastics

Today we built on our previous gymnastic lesson and used the shapes we had practised to create different jumps. We did tuck jumps, star jumps and straight jumps. We even practised them on, off and over different equipment.

English- Play Scripts

Performing a play script

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We have thoroughly enjoyed looking at the features, reading and performing play scripts this week. Above is just one example of our work, we tried really hard to understand how a play script works and work with our friends to perform them. 

PE- Gymnastics

We loved starting our gymnastics lessons today! We practiced our travelling in different ways in a space, including running, monster walks, hopping, skipping and jumping. We then practiced forming different shapes with our bodies including star, straight, tuck, and pike. 

WOW badge

WOW! 19 children achieved their walk to school badge this month, helping to look after our planet and stay active on our way to or from school! We also achieved the most active journeys in school, well done Elm Class ⭐️

Red Nose Day 2022

Music- Glockenspiels

Year 1 enjoyed playing the glockenspiels for the first time. We had great fun getting to know the glockenspiels and then trying to play along to the song Round and Round that we have been learning this term.

English- Diary entry

Elm Class enjoyed making their rockets. We spent lots of time planning our diary entry to make it our best work possible. We are really proud of the results!

Science- Planting

Year 1 enjoyed planting a few varieties of peas and broad beans as part of their Science learning. Our planting helped us to write a set of instructions to tell others how to plant seeds. We enjoyed being back in the allotment!

Life Education Bus

Steven from the Life Education Bus came to visit us today, he even brought Harold the Giraffe to see us! He spoke to us about our wonderful body and the importance of looking after it. We discussed how important it is to wash our hands, brush our teeth twice a day, drink water, stay active and the benefits of different types of food. Steven taught us about protein to make our muscles strong, calcium for our teeth and bones, vitamins to keep us healthy and carbohydrates for energy. 

Elm Class had a lovely morning yoga session with Clare. They practiced their sun salutations, tree poses and even did some relaxation. We finished with some positive affirmations, I am happy, I am amazing, that we will remind ourselves of throughout the day!

History- The Space Race

Year 1 have had a fantastic morning- the history man has been to visit! Adrian taught us all about the first man to fly a plane and showed us the style of hat he wore, the first woman to fly from America to Britain and the hat she had to wear, how maths is so important in getting to space, how a dog went to space first and what the first people said when they landed on the moon! Did you know LED lights battery powered tools and remote controls were all first invented for space visits? 

Geography- Using a range of maps

Elm Class enjoyed using a variety of maps to find different places. We began by using a globe to find the United States of America. We then used a map of the USA to find the state Florida, we enjoyed pairing up significant landmarks with different states across the USA. We wanted to find Cape Canaveral to see where rockets take off from, we couldn’t find it on our map of the USA so we used Digimaps to take a closer look at Florida.

Elm Class had a fantastic morning learning all about Cricket. They practiced lots of skills including running, rolling, bouncing, throwing, catching and batting before applying their skills to a mini game situation. 

Music- Round and Round

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Year 1 really enjoyed performing Round and Round. They thoroughly enjoyed practicing each verse before putting them together to perform in an ensemble.

WOW- Travel Tracker

Well done to the children who achieved their walk to school badges for February- it is brilliant to know that we are staying active and helping to look after the planet on our way to/from school!

Maths- Representing numbers

Elm Class enjoyed representing numbers to 50 in lots of different ways today. We used counters & 10 frames, bead strings, base 10 and multi-link to show numbers as 10’s and 1’s. We then moved on to writing our numbers on a part-whole model as 10’s and 1’s.

Science- Labelling plants

Elm class enjoyed learning about the different parts of a plant. We went on a walk and found flowers and trees to take pictures of before labelling them on the Skitch app. The children had a fantastic time and learnt lots of new names.

PSHE- Fair and unfair

Year 1 enjoyed discussing the concepts of fair and unfair. The class enjoyed participating in a circle time and discussing potentially opposing views with their friends. When asked if it was fair or unfair if “Mummy bought me a new car and the wheels fell off the first time I played with it.” One child responded that they thought it was “unfair because it’s only the first time you have played with it and you want to keep playing with it.” Another child countered this by saying she thought it was, “fair because the Mum didn’t know it was broken when she bought it, it’s not her fault.”

Computing- barcodes

Elm class enjoyed creating their own shops in computing. Each group had a selection of barcoded items, one child picked an item and passed it to the ‘scanner’, the scanner then matched the items barcode to their list and found out what the item was. The final child, the ‘till’, could then tell the other children how much their item was so they could pay. The children had great fun and even added the prices of 2 items together to see how much they would cost.

Mindful movements with Mojo

We practised our mindful movements with Mojo. We enjoyed learning the elephant, triangle and tree poses. We felt the movements helped us to feel calm and relaxed. We discussed how they gave us a moment to enjoy what we were doing and how we could use them to help us calm down if we were feeling cross or angry.

Art- Egg Box Dragons

We used the skills we have learnt in Art this term to create our own Egg Box Dragons. We tried to use a variety of tools and techniques in our paintings. We used a variety of brush sizes- selecting suitable brushes for the ares we were painting and tried different types of paint including watercolour paints, poster paints and sand paint. We also tried layering using our watercolours. We were very pleased with the results of our work.

WOW Travel Tracker

Well done to the children who achieved their walk to school badges for January- it is brilliant to know that we are staying active and helping to look after the planet on our way to/from school!

English- Magpie fact files

In English this term we have been reading 'The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon'. In the story a Magpie steals a dazzling diamond from the Queen's crown! We researched Magpies to learn some more about them, we used our computing skills to conduct our research and found out some brilliant facts. We then created our own Magpie fact file.

Science- senses walk

During our Science topic we have also learnt about the 5 senses. We went on a senses walk to see what we could see, hear, smell, touch and taste. We had a look in our allotment and thought about what we can normally taste from there in Summer! We then returned to class and wrote a senses poem about what we had discussed.

PE- overarm throw

During our PE learning we have been practicing our overarm throw, it has been great fun to practice our technique and we are getting really good at it!

Maths- addition and subtraction to and from 20

In Maths this term we have been learning about addition and subtraction to and from 20. We have enjoyed using counters and ten frames, along with number lines and bead strings, to support our learning.

Science- do taller people have bigger feet?

In Science we have been learning about humans. This term we have conducted a simple experiment  to see if taller people have bigger feet. We used cubes to help us measure, we started by making 10 sticks and then counting in 10s to measure our friends. We found that taller people do have bigger feet.

PSHE- anger

In PSHE this term we have been thinking about emotions, this has included talking about anger and how we react when we are angry, we acted out having a 'strop', screaming and going into a 'huff'.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Elm Class!

Stocking sewing

In DT we used our sewing skills to create stockings, we planned our design, drew our shapes, cut our felt and sewed them together. We were really pleased with the finished design!


The children throughly enjoyed watching the M&M production of ‘Beauty and the Beast’.


Some members of Elm Class showing us their Diwali candles they have made with Mr Bentham, using a range of media and collage techniques! Happy Diwali everyone!

Advent Wreaths

Elm Class have had a wonderful afternoon creating their own Advent Wreath. We learnt what the different candles represent and enjoyed using our collage skills that we have learnt in art to create a lovely piece of work.

Children in Need

We loved dressing up to show our support for Children in Need- we had lots of fun and raised money for charity!

Elm Class loved participating in Robot Day this year! We had great fun building robots out of Lego all morning and then making our own robots from our junk modelling equipment in the afternoon! We had to make sure our robots had a moving part and lots of us did this using split pins, it was great to try something new and we were all really proud of our work!

Key Stage 1 visit Reverend Pauline

The children had a fantastic time as they visited Reverend Pauline in our wonderful church.  She told us all about the Bible and showed us several different examples of bibles.

Adrian Warrell visit

Year 1 loved their visit from Adrian Warrell today to talk to us about old technology and new technology. We learnt about how people used to call people, how people used to send a text (a letter), how people used to play games, watch videos, listen to music, take photographs and find out information. We couldn’t believe how much our phones do and how much you used to have to use to do all these jobs! We even got to try some of the old technology out!

Goodbye Elm Class!

Thank You Prayer

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Elm class have created this beautiful prayer together to thank God for all the wonderful things He has created.

Easter Egg Hunt

The children had a joyous time today as they searched the school grounds for the hidden Easter eggs!

The Easter Story

The children designed crosses this week that described the happiest part of the Easter story.  We then put them altogether to create this bright and colourful display.

Science Week Investigation

As part of ‘Science Week’, the children in Elm Class completed an investigation to find out whether the colour or size affects the number of seeds in a pepper.
Elm Class had lots of fun recording their song ‘Little Donkey’ for the nativity!

Penguin Facts

Today we created an amazing display of emperor penguins!  Everyone wrote their favourite fact about emperor penguins on their penguin.

Plants and Flowers Investigation

Today we explored the school grounds and found lots of different plant and flower varieties.
Today, the children came to school in odd socks.  This is to encourage people to express themselves and celebrate their individuality and what makes us unique.

Planting Daffodils

Mrs Aldridge had a special treat for some children in Elm today!  She took them to plant some daffodils around school.  She hopes to get more planted in the following weeks!
The children had lots of fun today celebrating Children in Need by coming into school in their own clothes and pyjamas.

Exploring the Cottage Museum

Elm Class have really enjoyed exploring the cottage museum at school.  In part of the cottage, we saw what the buildings would have been like during the Great Fire of London.


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Today Elm Class created speeches in groups to persuade their audience why they should be friends with Leaf.

Joining Techniques

Today, the children experimented with different techniques on how to join pieces of fabric together.  They used clips, sellotape, staples, and PVA glue.  The children also tried sewing two pieces of fabric together.

The Great Fire of London

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Today, the children learnt about the Great Fire of London. They recreated the city using Lego and then reenacted the fire burning throughout the city.

Moving Story Books

Elm Class had lots of fun creating their own moving story books.  The children created a puppet that they were able to move across their image.  Each story started in the Amazon and finished in France.

Zoo 2 U Visit

Elm Class have had a fantastic end to the term with their visit from Zoo 2 U!  The children got to stroke a skunk, a snake and the world’s largest species of millipede.  Mr Yates also had the pleasure of being able to carry the animals around to all of the children!

Big Draw Day

For Big Draw Day, Elm Class have created some wonderful posters to remind people to protect all the vulnerable animals in the world.

Zeraffa Giraffa Role-play

The children reenacted the moment that Zeraffa the giraffe walked through the streets of Paris.  The children were interviewed throughout to collect quotes for what they will add to their newspaper report.

Matt Maher - What a Friend

This week Elm Class have really enjoyed listened to ‘What a Friend’. We have learnt actions to the song and look forward to one day being able to sing it all together.

Letters to the Great Pascha

Today we wrote scrolls as Atir to tell the Great Pascha about the journey that he and Zeraffa the giraffe had been on.

European Sports Day 2020

Giraffe Transport Vehicles

Elm Class have designed their own vehicles that would be able to transport a giraffe from the shore of France and the way to Paris!

“Witch Witch” Poem Performance

Today Elm Class learnt the poem ‘Witch Witch’ off by heart and performed the whole poem.

Fun in the Sun

This afternoon, Elm Class had lots of fun in the sunshine as we explored the woodland area.  We also completed a bug hunt too!

KS1 Meet The Teacher 2020

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