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Love learning, life, one another and God

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CE Primary School

Love learning, life, one another and God


Welcome to Ash Class!


The Parable of The Lost Sheep

In RE we have been looking at stories that Jesus told. One of those stories would have been the parable of the lost sheep. Miss Watson hid lots of pictures of sheep around the classroom and we had to pretended to be shepherds and go and find them. We discussed how it feels when we think we are lost and how it feels when we are found. We also talked about how God is like a shepherd and we are his sheep - he thinks we are all special and will look after us if we ever feel lost. 
We then had a go at making our own sheep using paper plates, cotton wool and black paper.


The children throughly enjoyed watching the M&M production of ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Special Visitor

The children in EYFS were lucky enough to have a special visit from Father Christmas before they broke up for the Christmas holidays. Father Christmas told them a Christmas story and they got the chance to tell him what was on their wish list. 

Shine Star, Shine

Today we got dressed into our costumes and performed our nativity 'Shine Star, Shine'. We weren't put off by all the lights and cameras and we know that our parents will love watching it after it has been filmed. Our teachers were very impressed with us and said we did an amazing job!


We were lucky enough to get a visit from the local firefighting team to show us the fire engine as part of our 'Trains, Planes and Automobiles' topic. They showed us the different parts of the fire engine and even showed us how the hose worked. We loved it when they put on their siren and flashing lights, it was VERY loud.

Doctor, Doctor

The children are loving the current role-play area set up as a doctor's surgery. They are doing a fantastic job checking that their teddies, friends and teachers are feeling okay. 

Daily Mile

Our new daily mile track opened this week and we have been loving getting out in the fresh air and burning off some energy.

Number Formation

Today we went outside to practise our number formation. We had to collect different natural objects from our outdoor area and trace the number 5. 

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