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Love learning, life, one another and God

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CE Primary School

Love learning, life, one another and God


Welcome to Year 3H!

Jubilee Playground Party

Year 3 had a wonderful lunchtime party to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee! 

In D.T., we have been learning how to sew on a button and create working Viking-inspired pouches using backstitch. 

Viking timelines

In history, we created timelines of significant Viking events before thinking about how the influence/behaviour of the Vikings in Britain changed over time. 

This half term, Year 3 and Year 4 have learnt how to weave using a loom, create printing blocks and use paste resist.

Philosophy for Children

3H enjoyed a fantastic visit from Mr Warrell. We learnt all about how and why farming changed from the Neolithic Age to the Iron Age. We got to use a range of farming tools from these time periods and ploughed part of the school field using an Iron Age plough. Once ploughed, we got to sow barley seeds and pea seeds which we are excited to see growing. 

P.S.H.E - Celebrating our differences!

We made paper chains to identify which of our interests and hobbies we have in common with our peers and discussed the benefits of being different! 

For our ‘Food Technology’ unit this half term, 3H have been learning all about healthy food combinations. To finish off their learning, children made their own pasta salad, sandwiches and fruit salad using grating, chopping and cooking techniques before inviting the Nursery children to enjoy what they had created. A fun afternoon was had by all! πŸ₯—πŸ₯ͺπŸ‡

Art - Textiles

In art this half term, we have been developing our cutting, joining and stitching skills. We combined what we have learnt to design and make our own 3D fruits and vegetables. πŸ₯•πŸπŸ

Science - Skeletons

We used natural materials to create our very own skeletons before labelling some of the bones in our science books. 

Philosophy for Children

We are loving our P4C sessions! 

Lancashire Cricket Club Workshop

We all had a very exciting morning learning how to bowl, bat and field more effectively. 🏏 

Computing - Networks

In computing, we have been exploring how messages can be sent using a network switch, server and wireless connection device. πŸ’» 

Maths - Measurement

We made our own metre ‘sticks’ and measured our own heights in m and cm. πŸ“ 

Mindfulness Yoga Workshop

We enjoyed taking part in a yoga workshop where we learnt some of the named positions and different breathing techniques to help us feel calm. 

D.T. - Seasonality

We spent the afternoon exploring the meaning of seasonality. First, we identified which fruits and vegetables are best grown in which season before creating a spring seasonal salad. πŸ₯— 

World Book Day 2022

For World Book Day, 3H went down to Ash Class to read their favourite books to them! What a wonderful afternoon! πŸ“š 

D.T. Farming Talk

Our very own Mrs Stafford came to talk to us today about the roles and responsibilities of a farmer. We got the opportunity to ask our own questions and we learnt lots of interesting facts about farm life. πŸ„ πŸ‘ 

SCIENCE - Lab coats

We love wearing our lab coats during science! πŸ§ͺ πŸ₯Ό 

Christian Art

Rev. Pauline took us around church to explore some of the Christian art, including stained glass windows, sculpture, lights and woodwork. 


In PE this half term, Rayan has been awarded ‘Most Improved in Gymnastics’ by our Sports Councillors, Charlotte and Riley. Great work, Rayan! 

To begin our new ‘Fabulous Foods’ topic, we generated and answered our own research questions about the popular TV chef, Paul Hollywood. 


We explored how fossils are formed by making our own using dog biscuits and Plaster of Paris. 

We created eBooks to explain all that we have learnt about the Stone Age over the last few weeks. Copy and paste this link to access our library of books; 


We have enjoyed a truly wonderful visit from ‘The History Man’, where we had the opportunity to fully immerse ourselves in Stone Age life. We had the chance to hunt bison using spears, build shelters, grind seeds into flour, try on clothes from the period and chop wood. 


In PSHE, we have been exploring the importance of rules and routines in different situations. We planned our own lessons, gathered our own resources and taught the rest of the class thinking about which rules and routines we wanted everyone to follow. 


As part of our rocks and soil topic, we conducted a rock survey around our school grounds after observing rocks being used for different purposes. We made notes about the appearance, texture and the impermeability of the rocks we found. 

We wrote letters to Ug to explain all the different ways in which the world has changed since the Stone Age. 


We conducted a scratch test to identify hard and soft rocks, and a water test to identify which rocks are permeable or impermeable.


In D.T. this half term, we have been exploring electrical systems linked to our science work. After researching influential inventors and scientists, we designed and created our own electrical games designed for younger children to play. We had torches, wire buzzer games and quiz boards. 


SCIENCE - School sound survey

To begin our science topic of sound, we went on a walk around our school grounds to note what sounds we could hear in some of the different places. Back in the classroom, we thought about what was vibrating in each case in order to produce the sounds that we had heard. 

We created zoo maps to identify the arguments for and against keeping animals in zoos. 


As part of ‘Anti-Bullying Week 2021’, we came to school in odd socks in order to celebrate our differences.  

We explored the different coloured poppies you can buy at this time of year and the meanings behind them before creating our own poppy ‘flowers’. We will remember them. β€οΈπŸ’œπŸ–€πŸ€

During Autumn 1, we have been studying the popular children’s book ‘Leon and the Place Between’. To finish our English topic, we have written our own spin-off narratives from the book entitled ‘A Rabbit’s Tale’ and written them up on our own popcorn boxes as a celebration of our circus-themed topic. 

SCIENCE WEEK - Dentist visitor

SCIENCE WEEK - Forensic science visitor

SCIENCE WEEK - β€˜What is a scientist?’ comparisons