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Love learning, life, one another and God

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CE Primary School

Love learning, life, one another and God


Welcome to Year 3H!


SCIENCE - School sound survey

To begin our science topic of sound, we went on a walk around our school grounds to note what sounds we could hear in some of the different places. Back in the classroom, we thought about what was vibrating in each case in order to produce the sounds that we had heard. 

We created zoo maps to identify the arguments for and against keeping animals in zoos. 


As part of ‘Anti-Bullying Week 2021’, we came to school in odd socks in order to celebrate our differences.  

We explored the different coloured poppies you can buy at this time of year and the meanings behind them before creating our own poppy ‘flowers’. We will remember them. ❤️💜🖤🤍

During Autumn 1, we have been studying the popular children’s book ‘Leon and the Place Between’. To finish our English topic, we have written our own spin-off narratives from the book entitled ‘A Rabbit’s Tale’ and written them up on our own popcorn boxes as a celebration of our circus-themed topic. 

SCIENCE WEEK - Dentist visitor

SCIENCE WEEK - Forensic science visitor

SCIENCE WEEK - ‘What is a scientist?’ comparisons

We created posters on Monday to show what we think a scientist should look like. After a week of science visitors and activities, we redrew our posters to incorporate everything we had learnt about what a scientist really is. 

R.E. - The Jewish festival of Sukkot

To finish our ‘Harvest’ unit of work, all the children in Year 3 joined forces to create their own mini-sukkah models using a variety of different materials, including Lego, card, twigs, sticks and leaves.

SCIENCE - creating circuits using bulbs, switches and motors

P.S.H.E. - Exploring different ways of keeping ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally healthy

Autumn 1 Curriculum Overview

Autumn 1 Topic Homework

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