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18th October 18
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Lancashire County Sportshall Athletics - 12th Nov - 1st Meeting


Broughton U11 Boys and Girls beat all the CLUBS in Lancashire!!

Lancashire County Sportshall Athletics League – 1st Meeting – 12th November

Sunday 12th November was the day of the first meet of the newly formed Lancashire County Sportshall Athletics League. This is a competition that is challenged by actual athletics clubs from all over Lancashire. We affiliated to the league and we are sending a team to all three of the meetings this academic year. We had an Under 11 boys and girls team. The children had to choose one event to do from four categories, so they were doing four each. They chose the disciplines that would serve them best (with my advice too J) and the way it worked was that they only took your top two scorers at each event and only 6 could score at each station. The boys was out of about 40 boys and the girls was out of about 50 girls. So they had their hands full, you would think. We went into this full of confidence and enthusiasm ready to surprise everybody. Well, they certainly did this. The day went so well for everyone and we stormed to 1st place in both the boys and girls competition. This puts us on course for the pendants/trophies for league winners after the three meets. This has to be right up there with one of the best achievements for Broughton as we have beaten all of the actual athletics clubs in Lancashire, here are my comments on each child’s performance:

The girls

Eleanor Andrews (Capt): Eleanor was our team captain. Talk about leading from the front. Champion again in the Triple Jump and scoring in all other disciplines. You gem! 

Grace Willingale: Grace was her in usual steely determined manner. She absolutely launched the Javelin into 1st place. You are a credit to your family and our school.

Jessica Anderson: Jessica demonstrated some of the strongest character ever. She was knocked by some dodgy scoring, but then went out and smashed the Target Throw, joint 1st, wow!

Tilly Bray: Tilly is our terrier for the year. I don’t think anything phases her and she has bags of talent to go with the spirit. Smashing the Balance Beam and being 1st out 50!! Wow!

Eva Murray: Seeing the competitive edge that you are developing is awesome. You showed this by coming 1st in the 2 lap race and coming 2nd Speed Bounce. #quickfeet! Also, 3rd in the individual scoring!

Khadija Essa: This was her first competition for Broughton, you couldn’t tell. Did everything with a smile and gained top 10 (8th) in Balance Test, you superstar!

Bayla-Rose Smart: What a performance! Top 2 in the 1 lap sprint, part of the winning Obstacle Relay team and 1st, yes 1st in the whole of Lancs for Speed Bounce. You legend!

Elise Rawson: Elise Rawson, I don’t think I’ve met anyone with a tougher character, plus you always smile. This then led to a top 5 finish in the 2 lap race, #immense.

Lizzie Smyth: Lizzie was excited and ready to rock and roll in this one. Like Eva and Elise put in a top 10 performance in the 2 lap sprint race. Lizzie you are an amazing character.

Bethan Sloan: Bethan, you a true inspiration. You embody everything we want to achieve in sport at Broughton, determination, passion, character, positivity and pride. You legend.

Alice Askins: Alice, I cannot believe how much ice you must have running through your veins. To come 5th in the Balance Test, after signing up on Friday! Wowsers, you are great!

Alex Latham: Last but not least. What a superstar you are! 1st in the Vertical Jump, 3rd in the 1 lap sprint, 2nd in the high stepper. I genuinely cannot believe how good you are! 


The Boys

Thomas Aldridge: Thomas, you are an absolute superstar. To finish 2nd in the lap sprint is amazing and you smashed the Obstacle Relay. You are doing so, so well.  

Lewis Simpson: Lewis, the rockstar that you are, turn up fashionably late and then go and destroy every discipline. Vertical jump, long jump, 2 lap, Obstacle Relay, is there anything you cannot do? #legend. 2nd individual boy too!

Charlie Bray: Charlie you are a true game player. I just love the way you raise your game for the big occasion. Plus, to go ahead and be the best at Chest Push in the whole of Lancashire. #challenger!

William Hall: William was fired up for this one. Coming an amazing second place in the Balance Test and scoring in the Triple Jump. Really starting to achieve your potential. Well done Willyam.

Finlay Delaney: Finlay gave up a match for Fleetwood for this. This showed his commitment and then he went out and smashed the 2 lap sprint against 11 year olds. Wow!

Jack Needham: Jack like Fin, gave up footy for this. What a decision, he destroyed the 1 lap like a greyhound out of the traps and just brought a positive buzz to his team mates. Well done Jack!

Sam Willingale: Sam like Jack, gave up footy for this. What a superstar! 3rd in the Speed Bounce, 3rd in the 1 lap sprint and ripped up the Obstacle Relay. You legend!

Jack Macrae: Jack dragged himself off the sickbed for this one. He gave 110% into everything, even though he was a tad under the weather. True, true grit and Broughton spirit here!

Johnathan Stanley: Johnny now has a new nickname: “The Javelin King!” Only in Year 4 and to pull out a 2nd best throw, I’m sure drove the boys into that 1st place in the end. You superstar Johnny!


Mr. Bird’s Comments: What a day. It was all day, but every minute was so worth it. To come 1st in both the boys and girls Under 11’s is beyond my wildest dreams. However, it’s not actually as I know how amazing each and every single one of you are. Go Team Broughton. This is right up there with the many achievements our school has had in the last 7 years, we just need to back it up now at the January meet! You are all superstars!

P.S: Check out the photos, underneath, from the amazing day we had!

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