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5th June 20
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BBC Bitesize

A huge selection of videos and activities linked to grammar, punctuation and spelling.

The Literacy Shed

Lots of free videos and activities to provide the children with writing opportunities.





Some nature-based ideas from the Woodland Trust.



Learn about endangered animals and the world around us. You could design a poster persuading people to protect the planet, write a fact-file about your favourite animal or use the pictures to create some of your own artwork.



Interactive and ongoing history lessons.

A range of activities and videos from the BBC including:

- The Story of Britain, a series of animated films showing the story of Britain from the Stone Age to the Norman Conquest. 

- A series of short videos about the Early Islamic Civilisation. 

- True Stories: short films of significant people you may have already studied, such as Rosa Parks. 

- Tales from the Old Bailey: a factual drama series which draws on the archives of the Old Bailey. 

- Victorian Villains: an exploration of the strict justice system during the Victorian period. 

- Lost Lands: an introduction to ancient and lost civilisations.

Explore the Horrible Histories website for fun songs, activities, quizzes and videos. 

Year 3 and 4, you might like to watch the Alfred The Great and William The Conqueror episodes in preperation for our learning on the Vikings next half term. 


Explore these museums with a virtual tour.

- The National Museum of Scotland:

- The British Museum:

- The Smithsonian:

- The Vatican:



Fun facts:


Test your geographical knowledge/play fun interactive games:




Learning Spanish at home:


Practise new vocabulary through songs with this YouTube channel: