Broughton CE Primary School

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18th November 19
Trail : home / Curriculum : History

This week Elm Class learned about Rosa Parks.  They role played the moment Rosa was asked to give up her seat.

The Potty Timeline of Blackpool Tower


Lower Key Stage 2 has been studying Blackpool Circus and the Tower. As part of this study we has begun to explore the history of the town. 

Here we are thinking about the history of the Tower using the Potty Timeline! Each group had a length of toilet roll and a line of masking tape, each piece of toilet roll represented 10 years. We labelled the masking tape with dates and looked for clues in the photos that we could match to the different periods of time. The learning supported our developing awareness of chronology and the changes to Blackpool since the Tower was built in 1894. We also used lots of observation and inference skills. 

Great work Year 4!