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19th January 20
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Our aims and intentions for art. 

Here at Broughton, we always strive to provide our children with the very best education possible. This has included a re-design of our curriculum to ensure all artistic skills outlined on the National Curriculum, as well as other opportunities both inside and outside the classroom, are embedded in our art provision across the school. 

Pantomime visit


KS2 have had a thoroughly wonderful time watching 'Teasure Island' at The University of Bolton Stadium this morning. The show was truly fantastic and it has inspired our Year 4 children before their own nativity performance next week. 

Elm class decorations


Elm class have made an early start with their Christmas decorations. They have created some beautiful hanging stars using lollipop sticks and decorated using paint, biodegradeable glitter and decorations. 


Mentor session


During our mentor session this morning, some children have created some 'window art' using chalk. 


Art - tints and shades


Year 3 have spent the morning tinting and shading colours by adding white and black respectively to different base colours. 



Arts Worshop


Year 5 spent the day at Archbishop Temple School playing a variety of musical instruments, dancing, singing and drama activities. A wonderful day was had by all. 




Blackpool Grundy Art Gallery and Blackpool Tower Circus


Year 3 and Year 4 spent the day in Blackpool. First we got to visit the wonderful Grundy Art Gallery where we got the experience 'The Trick of the Light' exhibition. A Trick of the Light brings together a group of internationally recognised contemporary artists whose works cast shadows, conjure illusions and bring the inanimate to life.  Referencing pre-cinematic techniques and Victorian optical entertainments, these artworks use the transformative power of light to alter perception and trick the eye.

In class, we have also been exploring the work of famous architect Frank Matcham, who designed the world-famous Blackpool Tower Circus, Tower Ballroom and also the Grand Theatre. After our visit to the Grundy, we had a walk around Blackpool to take in all of these sites. We rounded off the trip nicely with a performance inside the circus which impressed everyone!


Our newly formed Arts Council met today for the first time to get us started on our Artsmark journey. 

Arts Council : Adobe Acrobat file (375.7k)

To ensure our pupils have a voice in the arts provision we are offering them, both inside and outside the classroom, we have formed an Arts Council, who will meet regularly to plan, and assess, the arts provision at school.



Wire Art


Year 3 have been challenging what they think art is and they have been exploring wire art. The children then made their own wire linked to our theme of 'How Does Your Garden Grow?' - we had butterflies, bumble bees and even a squirrel!




Outdoor Art


During our 'Outdoor and Adventurous Week', we gave children the opportunity to create some observational art. We are so lucky to have the outdoor space that we do here at Broughton and it was a wonderful opportunity to get the children thinking creatively about their school grounds. 


Sarah Hicks Workshops




Children in Year 3 and Year 4 have enjoyed two days of workshops taught by local artist, Sarah Hicks. Sarah has worked with the children to create a large scale collage linked to our topic of 'Europe - France'. The children had so much fun that they came back the next day to create individual collages to take home as well!

The staff were not excluded either as Sarah led a training session on how to teach basic art skills in more unique and creative ways. 

Thank you Sarah, we hope to see you back in school very soon!

We are thrilled to be starting our Artmark journey as a school with a commitment to improving our provision of arts, including art, drama, dance and music, across the school from EYFS through to Year 6.

Our 'Statement of Commitment' outlines our current provision, as well as our plans and hopes for the future as we embark on our two-year journey. 

Christmas Art Week 2018


All children from EYFS to Year 6 have once again enjoyed our annual 'Christmas Art Week'. We invited parents into each class for an afternoon across the week and produced an array of exciting and creative things from challenging quilled calendars, unique Christmas cards and 3D reindeer tree decorations.

We aren't sure who had more fun - the children, the parents or the teachers!