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19th January 20
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Preston Schools Cross Country Race - 27th March


Wednesday 27th March was the day for the annual Preston Primary Schools Cross Country competition at Archbishop Temple High School. Our 3 girls were: Annabel Cutting, Bayla-Rose Smart and Elise Rawson (The Terrific Trio). Their race was first and the scoring is done by adding up the total of your finish position and the lowest total wins. So the closer to 1st you finish the better. Well, what a race they had! They stuck together the whole way round and destroyed a lot of the field on the massive hill near the finish line. They dug so deep and sprinted down the finishing strait! Annabel finished 3rd, Bayla finished 5th and Elise finished 6th - a combined total of 14 and average of under 5! Broughton's best ever team result and they stormed to 1st place overall.

Now to the boys. We had Ethan Chadwick, Oliver Heath and Jed Anderson running. They were buoyed by the girls' amazing performance and they followed suit. Ethan went right out to the front very early and blasted his way to 1st individually out of 90 boys. What an achievement! In my 9 and a half years, one of only two children at Broughton to ever win the cross country. Ethan and the amazing Frazer Pollock. Oli and Jed stuck together and put in superb performances to finish 14th and 29th respectively, out of 90, a great performance. We ended up storming to a great 2nd place overall for the boys competition.

I am so proud of every member of the team and another wonderful set of memories to take away. Bring on the cricket now, from Mr. Bird.

Please check the photos out below:

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