Broughton CE Primary School

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5th June 20
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Our link with the Church is very important. Broughton in Amounderness C.E Primary School is a unique place because we value the uniqueness of the people in it. All the school worships at church on a Tuesday morning at 9.00am. Parents and family members are always welcome to join us. The service is led by St. John's clergy team. 

It is made from the people who value the importance of putting God at the centre of everything we do. This uniqueness is enhanced by our quiet position on Church Lane, next door to the School. The Children pass the church each day on their journey into school and visit church every week.

We  have close links with the whole church community, supporting each other in fundraising, and in opportunities to work together as a community. The parish and wider church and especially the clergy help us to teach our children about God, life, friendships, how to treat others and how to carry themselves through life as kind and thoughtful people.

The school has a regular article updating the community in the parish magazine, and the clergy and other parishioners regularly visit school. A special and valued link, for a unique school.

Follow this link to go directly to the church website.