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18th June 19
Trail : home / Curriculum : Science Week - 12-16th March

Science Super Learning Day


On Monday 12th March, we had a fantastic day doing a variety of activities, which linked to the 'British Science Week' theme of 'Exploration & Discovery'.

We worked in mixed year groups across key stage 1 and key stage 2. In key stage 1 the children took part in three different activities led by each of the teachers. These included astro nappy with Mr Yates, citizen science with Mrs Lowcock and confusing cans with Miss Duckworth. As astronauts spend a large amount of time outside the International Space Station, they cannot just nip to the toilet so they have to wear a specially designed 'astro-nappy'. In this activity, the children found out which materials were the best for absorbing liquid. In confusing cans, the children had to carry out an experiment, which would help them identify what the contents of unlabelled cans were. 

In key stage 2, we worked in house teams and carried out four different lessons. With Miss Heath, the children made plastic milk using milk and white vinegar. With Mrs Simpson, they were challenged to beat a Guinness world record for building a tower with 1 hand and only 20 bricks in 20 second. Children became kitchen detectives with Miss Cooper and had to carry out experiments on four ingredients, which all looked the same to identify these. In final activity with Mrs Singleton, the children researched scientific discoveries and then made posters, which will be entered into the 'British Science Week' competition. Throughout the week, the children will also have the opportunity to carry out an augmented reality task on mini-beasts, with Mr Bird.