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18th October 18
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Monday 12th March was the day for the annual Preston Schools Swimming Gala at West View. Broughton were determined to go although we knew we were a little light of Year 6's. However, they gave a great account of themselves and behaved magnificently. Unfortunately on this occasion, after all the races were completed, we ended being relegated to Division 2 by just one point! The standard was so high and our children should be so proud of themselves, as I was :-). Well done from Mr. B

Please read the report attached by our wonderful sports reporter, Alice Ainsworth

Year 5/6 Hockey Tournament - 17th Oct - Broughton High


Hockey Fantasy

By Khadija and Alice.

What a day! The Hockey team played superbly and we came back with a fantastic score.

The ten children [ Todd, Charlie, Lewis and Jed, Jess, Grace, Eva, Tilly, Lucas, Matthew Egan. All year 5 and 6.] played phenomenally. The team pulled it off with their amazing skills but most of all Charlie was the hero playing with speed and scoring some last minute goals.

We had a lot of accidents in the games including nose injuries, trodden on hands, being winded and taking hit in the face with a hockey stick!                             

Despite all this, we stayed standing and our team played like demons. We then came…oops we nearly gave it away…hang on maybe we should tell you….

Ok then…we came 4th out of 20 schools! What an achievement! Whoop! Whoop!

The amazing scores for the game were as following:

  • 3-0 to us
  • 3-0 to us
  • 5-0 to us
  • 2-0 to us
  • 2-0 to us
  • Semi-Final: 1-0 to Sherwood

We all came back with smiles on our faces, having had a great day!

Year 1/2 Athletics Competition Report - 28th Sept


Brilliant Broughton Strikes Again

The Year 2 Micro Skills Competition took place on Thursday 28th September. Broughton took Josh, Natasha, India and Isabella who all did incredibly well!!!

Broughton started at Bucket Ball and did AMAZINGLY well only missing a few shots. In the end, they threw an awesome 14 balls in the bucket!!!

Next, we moved to Agility Relay which is going in and out of a flat ladder, steps, hurdles and sprinting. In this the team were so fast that Isabel and I could barely get a photo! In this event Broughton got a mind-blowing time of 56.19 seconds!!

Next, we went to Catch and Run which is catching a beanbag, dropping it in the hoop and throwing it to the next person. The team did exceedingly well in this and came away with a time of 54 seconds!!

Then we went to Star Pass (which is where the children stand in a circle and one stands in the middle. The people that are in the circle pass the ball to the person in the middle and the person in the middle passes the ball round the circle). The team passed the ball 50 times in 90 seconds!


Finally, we went to the running races which the children definitely did well in because all the photos Isabel and I took were blurry.

In the end, Broughton did brain bogglingly well and came away with 2nd!!!!!!!They got 105 points and were only 3 away from 1st!!!!!!!!!!!

All round the team did superbly and had a great attitude all afternoon.


Written by Elspeth Scobie (Supported by Isabel Joyce).

The Reporters


This year at Broughton CE Primary, we have created a team of 10 children to be our Sports Report Team. They will have the responsibility of coming along to competitions and making notes/taking photos to then put into a fabulous sports report. This is a really exciting venture for the children at our school and who knows, we could have the next breed of journalists in our presence. 

Meet the team:

  • Bethan Sloan: My name is Bethan, I am 10 years old and my favourite sport is Athletics.


  • Elspeth Scobie: My name is Elspeth, I am 10 years old and my favourite sport is Hockey.


  • Isabel Joyce: My name is Isabel, I am 10 years old and my favourite sport is Long Distance Running.


  • Emily Clark: My name is Emily, I am 10 years old and my favourite sport is Badminton.


  • Jessica Banks: My name is Jessica, I am 10 years old and my favourite sport is Tennis.


  • Alice Askins: My name is Alice, I am 10 years old and my favourite sport is Tennis.


  • Lizzie Smyth: My name is Lizzie, I am 10 years old and my favourite sport is Tennis.


  • Khadija Essa: My name is Khadija, I am 11 years old and my favourite sport is


  • Alice Ainsworth: My name is Alice, I am 11 years old and my favourite sport is
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